Abandoned Usernames

What is this:

If you notice that a page has been inactive for quite some time, then you can request to claim the abandoned username.

We can determine whether an account meets our criteria once you contact our support team. ([email protected])

How do I obtain an abandoned username:

First you will need to check our API to make sure that the account is actually inactive.

1. Head to http://had.contact/api/v1/inactive/:username

2. If the account is marked as true then you can pay a one time fee of $8 (USD). I only use PayPal as of right now.

3. Once you have paid the one time fee then I can attach the username to a page.

4. Actively use your page by updating your links when you can.

The catch:

We reserve the right to not release a username for any or no reason at all.

This typically will be used for usernames that include a curse word, or for usernames that are attached to a Verified account